Blogging During Lunch Time

I’m trying to get in the habit of blogging more often. I thought I would make the most of a free 15 minute block during my lunch hour to write something but then I found myself being distracted by looking for another WordPress theme. I entertained that activity for 5 minutes but then I decided to concentrate on getting some words down. I find myself doing this quite often, the getting distracted part that is. It’s hard for me to admit, but, I think I am a terrible procrastinator. The other day, for example, I woke up a bit earlier than usual and the rest of the household was still asleep. It’s no use, I find it too difficult to blog while I’m at work, even if it is during my lunch time. I need to find a regular time to blog at home.

Pastures New

Horses grazing in a fieldAccording to the definition in the Collins dictionary:

If someone leaves for greener pastures, or in British English pastures new, they leave their job, their home, or the situation they are in for something they think will be much better.

That was in part my motivation, but, in reality I left my previous job in search of a better iteration of myself. I had often asked myself, when I had thought of moving on, why I couldn’t make the positive changes I wanted where I was, and each time I convinced myself that I could and that what I actually needed was a change of mindset rather than scenery.

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A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

Frank peering over my screen

Photo of my work space with my colleague Frank peering over the top of the screen.

I brew a fresh cup of tea and if I’m feeling particularly generous I will offer my fellow tea round members a cup (although generally it is acceptable to only make yourself one first thing in the morning). I’m usually one of the last ones to arrive, I used to blame the fact that I would take my eldest daughter to nursery, but, she hasn’t been going since the end of July as it closed for the summer holidays. Roberta will however be going to primary school in September so that will throw in a new set of challenges into my morning routine.

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Why Should I Blog?

typewriter with bookshelf in the background

Photo credit: Hemingway’s Typewriter by Shiny Things

As you can tell from looking at my site, I don’t blog very often. Just recently, I started to ask myself why. Initially I tried making excuses for myself like “I don’t have time”. But then, I realized that I was able to make time for other far less constructive activities such as sitting on the sofa watching TV. So I had no excuses, the truth was, I had no motivation to blog, which led me to my next question. Why should I blog?

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