Why Should I Blog?

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As you can tell from looking at my site, I don’t blog very often. Just recently, I started to ask myself why. Initially I tried making excuses for myself like “I don’t have time”. But then, I realized that I was able to make time for other far less constructive activities such as sitting on the sofa watching TV. So I had no excuses, the truth was, I had no motivation to blog, which led me to my next question. Why should I blog?

This all started after reading an inspiring A List Apart article entitled Writing is Thinking by Sally Kerrigan. One of the interesting concepts discussed in this article is how writing begins with thinking and how writing can improve your thought process. This passage really stood out for me:

“Choosing the words to describe your work means you’re doing it on purpose. You’re going on the record as someone who thinks about why they do what they do, and understands how each decision affects the results. And developing this knack for critical thinking will also make you better at what you do”

I was encouraged by this article because I realized that part of the reason that I wasn’t writing was because I was also afraid that I couldn’t do it very well. However, I realized that trying to put words to my thoughts would help me to improve not only the way I write but also the way that I think. In future blogs when I write about my work and the way I do it I will be committing these ideas to words, which means that at the same time I will be questioning whether or not I am doing things the right way.

Not only would I be scrutinizing how I do things, but, by publishing these thoughts on the web, I can get other people’s feedback too. Granted, I may need to be a little more thick skinned to deal with the negative comments, but, ultimately I think it will be a good exercise which will help me to improve the way I write, the way I work and the way I handle criticism. Blogging is also a way to contribute to the community by writing posts that could be useful to others. In this case people could either learn something they didn’t know, or, if they feel there is a better way, they could leave a comment explaining the approach they would have taken.


Even as I write this post my mind is going off on tangents thinking about future blog posts, possible re-design ideas and the prospect of getting some readers to actually interact with. So I think that blogging is useful, and, it has the potential to be entertaining for the reader as well as a constructive process for the author. It is nice to get things right first time, but in many things there is no right or wrong, so rather than striving for a perfection that doesn’t exist, maybe it is a better idea to stimulate interaction and communication. That seems like a good place to start anyway. Thanks for reading.

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