Let's get started

Posted by Paolo on Dec 8 2023

Like a lot of the times that I am prompted into action, I reacted to a deadline that was imposed on me. My current hosting provider contacted me to explain that my subscription would be automatically renewed in December to the tune of just under a couple of hundred quid for the year 😱.

When I signed up at the end of last year, following my new year's resolution to blog more often, I was aware that the initially reasonable promotional price for the duration of the first year would eventually be hiked up when it came to renewal season. I decided to see how much value I would get from it, but after a less than prolific year, I decided to not renew my subscription.

Instead, I decided to do something that I hope will be a little bit more fun and build my own blog 😜. I figured that picking up software off the shelf and letting other third party libraries do the heavy lifting is probably more suitable in a work environment, but, for my personal website project I want to have some fun and if I want to build my own Markdown parser, then that's exactly what I will do! Eventually 😅.